Posted by: davepidgeon | November 12, 2008

Trekking poles arrive

The buzzer rings, and I love the feeling knowing the dirt-brown UPS delivery truck is outside the door. I’ve ordered a piece of gear last week, and it’s finally arrived. It’s Christmas Day on Nov. 12.

Today, my newly-purchased, soon-to-be-given-the-rough-treatment piece of gear is a pair of Black Diamond trekker poles. I found them on sale at Eastern Mountain Sports’ Web site during the weekend, which is a major reason why I picked ’em. While I would love to grab the latest carbon polls for $125, I’m lookin’ for function at a bargain these days and these polls fit the description.

They’re a little heavier than I would have liked at 1.3 pounds for both (blame that on the aluminum molding), and they lack anti-shock features for help while descending a peak, keeping the knees from shredding like cheese blocks on a grater. However, the aluminum’s more durable than carbon so I expect these Black Diamonds to last longer, and I like how these three-section poles have a lock system rather than having to twist shut the pieces. The trouble with twist-shut sections is when they get dirty and worn down, they can slip and close at the worst possible moments. Trust me. I speak from experience.

These Black Diamonds are going to get put to the test in a couple of weeks, and I’ll give you a more thorough review. Initial impressions, though, is an affordable, durable set of poles whose pluses appear to outweigh the minuses.


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