Posted by: davepidgeon | January 14, 2009

To Infinity and beyond

PrimaLoft, the synthetic down material found in some sleeping bags and winter parkas, announced Monday it was releasing a new and improved product: PrimaLoft Infinity. And the idea now is to offer cold weather sleeping bags stuffed with PrimaLoft, staring with Eastern Mountain Sports’ Boreal 20 degree bag.


“While PrimaLoft Sport has been successfully used in warm weather sleeping bags, there was a need for a high loft performance product,” says Eileen Berner, PrimaLoft sales and marketing director, North America. “After years of effort, the R & D team engineered PrimaLoft Infinity to fill this market opportunity.” 


“Preliminary testing shows that PrimaLoft Infinity has a greater warmth to weight ratio and is more compressible than what is available in the market,” adds Berner. “It also has a more consistent fiber construction to eliminate cold spots.”

I’m curious what readers experiences with PrimaLoft has been like compared to actual goose down. Send me your comments below.

PrimaLoft works a lot like down and is lighter than any other synthetic fill. The major difference between goose down and PrimaLoft is the latter doesn’t lose its ability to keep you warm should the insulation get wet. Goose down, however, gathers in wet clumps and becomes as useless in the cold weather as a lighter without fuel. That being said, down has remained more popular than PrimaLoft.

Send me those comments. I’d like to know how PrimaLoft has performed out there with everyone. 


Sporting a parka filled with PrimaLoft during a stop in Shenandoah National Park, Va.

Sporting a parka filled with PrimaLoft during a stop in Shenandoah National Park, Va.


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