Posted by: davepidgeon | February 13, 2009

Check your JetBoil


Using the JetBoil to cook dinner along the Loyalsock Trail.

Using the JetBoil to cook dinner along the Loyalsock Trail.

JetBoil, the company that rewrote the book on backcountry stoves, has issued a recall on certain stoves because they pose a fire hazard. The JetBoil Web site has diagrams to determine whether your stove is one of the models affected by the problem. Fortunately, mine was one of their first models, which doesn’t appear to be among those JetBoil is looking to get back before someone gets hurt. JetBoil says no one has been hurt yet.

From the company’s news release:

Jetboil is undertaking a consumer recall of all PCS and GCS systems utilizing this B style valve, working in cooperation with the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (

We have determined independently to undertake this process after receiving reports and returned units from a very limited number of end users who have experienced leaking gas and subsequent ignition of the gas leak. No injuries or property damage have been reported by these users.

PCS and GCS systems utilizing the A and C style valves continue to be fully safe and functional. No Helios systems are affected by the recall. (Emphasis added by JetBoil)

JetBoil goes on to say this is a “voluntary” recall and that all defunct models have been removed from the shelves of retailers. The problem apparently derives from how the fuel canister is screwed into the stove. The screw threads don’t match up, JetBoil said.


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