Posted by: davepidgeon | March 22, 2009

Can’t miss yah for too long

I missed it before it was gone. 

I wrote in my last post that I would be stepping away from Compass Points for a few weeks as I helped my bride-to-be finish the homestretch on our wedding plans then take off for a Costa Rican honeymoon. The previous couple of weeks saw me suffer from mental droughts. I just couldn’t come up with ideas for Compass Points, or I just didn’t feel like getting there. And so I wrote about how I would take a vacation from my beloved blog, but as I did I rediscovered my mental wellspring.

I’m back. And I’m hummin’ a few tunes.

About two weeks from slipping into San Jose and Costa Rica. I’d say it’s about time to share what’s on my Costa Rican playlist since I’ve been turning the iPod in that direction lately.

Donavon Frankenreiter – Life, Love and Laughter

Jimmy Buffett – Weather With You

Mishka – Give You All the Love

Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides

Diego Roots – Good Times

Brett Dennen – By & By

Jack Johnson – Breakdown


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