Posted by: davepidgeon | March 26, 2009

The Pedro Plunge

Holy s***!

I about fell out of my seat watching kayaker Pedro Olivia commit suicide set the world record by tumbling down Belo Salto in Brazil, a 127-foot drop. I dare anyone to breathe when they see Olivia’s kayak turn over so he lands at the base practically on his head. He broke the previous record by about 19 feet.

Olivia appeared on NBC’s Today Show, and the subsequent article had this to say about how he survived:

The trick to surviving a plunge like that is to pick a spot on the waterfall where a large volume of water is going over and landing in a deep pool. The falling water mixes with air to make the water more like cotton than a hard surface.

Just the same, it’s dangerous and not for the faint of heart. Missing the fall-off point could be disastrous.



  1. […] Tyler Bradt decided he won’t be outdone by Pedro Olivia. Bradt last month bested Olivia’s 127-foot plunge down Belo Salto in South America from […]

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