Posted by: davepidgeon | April 20, 2009

Rappelling into a new week


Rappelling into a gorge near Volcán Arenal

Rappelling into a gorge near Volcán Arenal

Warm latte nearby, cold spring rain on the cafe window. Mellow start to this new week, and my next hiking venture seems far off, but still plenty of reminiscing about Costa Rica to be done. 

Some odds and ends today for Compass Points:

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Footwear in Costa Rica: I mentioned here about two pairs of footwear I would bring to Costa Rica which hopefully would carry me through rainforests, across rivers and through the ocean.


Watching a waterfall near the Pacuare Lodge.

Watching a waterfall near the Pacuare Lodge.

Should you ever venture to Costa Rica, understand this truism – Just about everything you do requires getting wet. My wife and I spent nine out of the 10 days there soaked through and through, turning our hands to prunes and leaving river or ocean funk in our clothing, whether because of rafting the Rio Pacuare, rappelling down the Rio Cacao or kayaking in the Pacific Ocean. Most of the sports in Costa Rica, it seems, involves water, and the one day we didn’t have to swim for fun or safety, we hiked up Cerro Chato on a warm April day … so we were soaked with sweat.

Most days I spent wearing my Keen Newport H2’s, and they held up well despite never drying for the entire 10 days. The only signs of wear and tear, despite acting like sponges on my feat, were normal wear-in marks on the paneling. My one complaint is how the device that holds the elastic cord would slip just a little too easily, leaving the sandal a tad loose. I would have to adjust the snugness of the sandal on my feet a little too often. But I consider that a minor problem because it wasn’t like the Keen fell off in the river. Overall I give it a B+. Don’t hesitate much if you have these sandals are your radar.

The other pair of shoes I brought – the Vasque Breeze hiking boots – are magnets for superlatives. I love boots which multitask, the kind that can easily work as a solid backpacking shoe one weekend and serve your feet well as a light hiker a week later. Let me re-emphasize why these boots are solid bombers – the sole is sturdy enough to handle weekend excursions into the backcountry, and the side paneling is light and comfortable without sacrificing support. The mesh paneling breathes excellently, even on humid hikes through the rainforest. That will cut down on the potential for painful blisters.

A solid A+ for these boots.


Hiking across a hanging bridge in Nacional Parque Volcán Arenal.

Hiking across a hanging bridge in Nacional Parque Volcán Arenal.

Costa Rica coverage continues: Much more to come at Compass Points about Costa Rica, including stories about a remote jungle lodge, losing my wife to the wild waters of the rainforest and the restorative nature of Costa Rican coffee.


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