Posted by: davepidgeon | May 4, 2009

PLAYLIST: Water, water everywhere

I’ve been there. I feel for you.

You spent two months planning some epic backpack in a glorious national park. Every day, you could not concentrate at work, slipping into reveries about broad blue skies, high sun and imposing peaks lining the horizon, while your boss is screaming that you should be filing TPS reports. The day finally comes and … you and your pack are soaking sponge-like from a cold rain that’s stalled over the park of your dreams.

No worries, friends. First, head to a waterfall because cloudy, rain days make for the best waterfall photos (just be careful of flash floods). Second, load up these songs for a Rainy Day Playlist for those travel ventures which must be done when the clouds pour down on you:

Beth Orton – Concrete Sky



Thievery Corporation – Sweet Tides



Modest Mouse – Missed the Boat



Massive Attack – Teardrop



Doves – Sky Starts Falling



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