Posted by: davepidgeon | May 10, 2009

The needle is spinning

Life just has a way of gettin’ in the way, right?

That’s why I write to you from my living room couch this morning after watching a Survivorman re-run rather than crafting a narrative for Compass Points about wilderness journeys collected from my own field notes. Last Wednesday, I felt a sharp, knife-like pain slicing through the middle of my abdominal region, and that marked the beginning of a three-day journey through my local health care system, one that eventually left me sans appendix. 

The diagnosis is for a full recovery in six weeks, which means a planned trip to northern Pennsylvania plateau country will have to be at best postponed. My surgeon said I can start jogging when my body feels ready – in about two weeks, I guess. I’m not permitted to lift anything more than 15 pounds for another month-and-a-half, which rules out hauling the Osprey Aether 70 anywhere for the short-term. So much for the start of the warm-weather hiking season, but I’ll have plenty of time to pour over maps to start planning for when I can go backpacking, again. There’s an Adirondacks journey targeted for July and a few others I’m eyeing up for the months which follow.

What does this means for Compass Points readers – only that first-person stories may have to wait for a little while. Thanks for your support and patience and for sticking with Compass Points. I’ll still do my best to deliver solid, informative content, and maybe I’ll dig back to some old field notes and recount stories from years past.


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