Posted by: davepidgeon | May 27, 2009

Setback comeback

I have been told that if I ever want to see things go awry, simply make plans and try to stick to them.

I learned that lesson three weeks ago when I had to undergo emergency surgery for an appendicitis. About two weeks afterward, my doctor said things looked fine and I could begin running, again. Great, I thought, time to start training for those summer backpacking trips. And so I put my Saucony running shoes to pavement and got two great runs in over two days. I was back on track.

No so fast, Mr. Pidgeon.

I’ve been sick for the last five days, and now my doctor and I are testing for some seriously nasty stomach stuff. I’ll spare the details, but it’s another setback I’m trying to overcome.

I’ll return to Compass Points as soon as my doctor and I figure out what’s going on in my stomach and can reverse it. See you when I get back here.



  1. Well that stinks. I’ve dealt with a few of those nasty setbacks after a health problem too, and I know how much it bites.

    I hope you’re feeling better soon.

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