Posted by: davepidgeon | June 8, 2009

To volunteer or not volunteer


Hiking a Shenandoah National Park trail.

Hiking a Shenandoah National Park trail.

A short post today, but something I’ve contemplated recently. Saturday, as many of you know, was National Trails Day, and I’m sure thousands of volunteers with the American Hiking Society, Sierra Club, Appalachian Trail clubs, Appalachian Mountain Club and others struck out into the wilderness to clear deadfalls, clean up trash and perform other tasks to keep our trails clear, clean and safe.


I guess I’m curious just what the percentage of hardcore hikers and backpackers actually take the time to help with trail maintenance. And the older I get, the more I start to believe in karma and the more I think I should give something back to the mountains and forests through which I traverse. Those mountains and woods have been good to me. Makes sense I should be good to them for the privilege of the adventure.

Kinda like those who pray to the mountain gods before attempting to summit Everest, maybe we could apply that kind of respect to places closer to home. We don’t need to hang prayer flags or light candles, but taking a day to carry a trash bag and clean up a local trail could provide positive dividends on your next hike. I’m just saying, think about it.


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