Posted by: davepidgeon | June 15, 2009

Gaining mountain legs


Ready for the Buffett concert and to start backpacking, again.

Ready for the Buffett concert and to start backpacking, again.

It’s Buffett Week at Compass Points as we make our eighth concert in the last 10 years, this year in Camden, N.J. And I can’t think of a better way to start making my recovery. I’m starting to rebound from my apparent digestive system infection, and while the comeback will be slow, I definitely feel that good things to come are coming closer.


This morning, I even dare to start jogging and to look at several maps to figure out where my first backpacking trip will take place. Now, I am not one to take it easy. I like the calf-busters, the strenuous climbs up and out of ravines and the views atop High Peak regions like the Adirondacks and the Blue Ridge. But in my ever evolving wisdom, I’ve come the understanding that I can’t just throw on my pack and make a 5,000-foot climb up, especially since I haven’t trained in … gulp … two months. A wedding, honeymoon, appendectomy and apparent viral gastroenteritis kinda got in the way.

I’m more confident now, though, that I can start, again. And to that end, I want to choose a ridgewalk for my first backpack, something like the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania a few weeks from now, no more than 15 total miles. You have to gain your mountain legs back.


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