Posted by: davepidgeon | June 18, 2009

White blazin’ in Europe

Uhhhh …

Took me a minute to rattle this one around in my brain cavity, which at times has more room than others.

Apparently, there are some who would to like to extend the Appalachian Trail across the Atlantic Ocean and into Europe.

I’m not kidding.

An eight-member team of Americans and Canadians who are proponents of the International Appalachian Trail made a recent scouting trip to the mother continent:

The junket included stops in Scotland, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Wales, all of which contain regions that are essentially extensions of the Appalachian Mountains of North America. European jurisdictions do use different names other than the Appalachians, such as the Caledonians in Scotland.

The goal of the trip was to create new bonds and links with Europe which will double the hiking and outdoor adventure markets for the IAT and IATNL.

Saying the goal was to “double the hiking and outdoor adventure markets” makes this sound rather money-driven. I’m all for helping the outdoor outfitter market, but isn’t it a bit of a stretch to claim to have walked the length of the International A.T. if you have to take a boat or jet between sections? Sorry, but I like the dramatic start/finish of Katahdin in Maine … oh, and a continuous foot path not interrupted by an ocean.


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