Posted by: davepidgeon | July 3, 2009

Snow kayaking … I’m not kidding

The best American summer holiday is upon us, and wherever you are I’m hoping the sun’s out, temperatures soar, the grill’s cookin’ and your best friends and family are around.

Now let’s head for the ski slopes.

I’m not kidding when I say we may have stumbled upon the best kickass idea this side of dog surfing. Thanks to Adventure Blog and Wend Magazine, from the height of summer we can watch some Germans take their whitewater kayaks and send themselves hurtling down snow covered slopes.

Evolution sure is a slow process. It took human beings THIS LONG to figure out a whitewater kayak can be used as a snow sled?

Enjoy! (Sorry, no English subtitles, and even though I took 6 years of German classes, I’m just not that good. Ich denke das schnei kayaking ist awesome!)


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