Posted by: davepidgeon | July 14, 2009

Confronting fear

You can discover inspiration in the unlikeliest of places. Or from unexpected people. In this case, I’m referring to a comedian I know little about.

You won’t find many people as fearful of flying as I am, which is funny considering my insatiable drive to see and explore so much of the United States and the world, places where the only way to arrive is by flight. I’m grateful my wife is a mental health therapist. She’s helped me deal with the icy fear coursing through the body as our plane reaches the runway. But I’m still very much fearful. I know it’s irrational, but we surrender control to an army of pilots and control tower employees for our transportation needs. That’s not exactly a comfortable notion. And with my fear of heights, I’m painfully aware of just how high 35,000 feet is in the air.

An old adage says: Fear is the absence of humor. I believe that. And so I want to introduce Compass Pointers to comedian Mark Malkoff, who recently spent 30 days living and sleeping on an Air Tran passenger jet, taking 135 commercial flights during that time … all in an effort to not only entertain but to overcome his own fear of flying. He documented his experience at this Web site, and here’s the introduction vid:

There’s some good stuff at Malkoff’s Web site. Let’s applaud the guy for facing up to the fear and having fun doing it. My main question isn’t so much about how the guy slept or washed or kept himself entertained. I wanna know how he lived for a month on that food.


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