Posted by: davepidgeon | September 9, 2009

Trail Tunes: Rock with Ritter

A new feature starts up today at Compass Points that will hopefully provide Pointers with ideas for their road trip soundtracks.

I’m a digital music addict. My obsession became so bad, my wife had to put me on a strict budget because I would otherwise download new tunes with unbridled enthusiasm.

But one reason why I became such an Mp3 junkie came from my enjoyment of compiling playlists on my iPod for certain locations. You can find “Bar Harbor Coffeehouse,” “Galway,” “Red Rocks & Saguaros” playlists which can either help me get hopelessly lost in daydreaming or provide a soundtrack for your drive to and fro.

I believe in sharing, so Wednesday’s at Compass Points I’ll highlight a song or band for Pointers to consider when compiling their own playlists. We’ll call this feature “Trail Tunes.”

Today, we’ll start with rock-folkie Josh Ritter, about the most famous person to come from Idaho. Ritter has flown virtually under the radar for the last decade except for garnering the occasional (and regrettable) “contemporary Bob Dylan” from music reviewers. One reason he keeps finding himself compared to Dylan is his knack for compelling storytelling, irony and catchy hooks, but Ritter doesn’t relegate himself to just acoustic guitars. He successfully added a horn section during his last album, “The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter,” which came out in 2007 and made his sound bigger and bolder than before. This song – “To the Dogs or Whoever” – is from that album.

Catch him in concert. You’ll never see another artist have more fun playing live than Ritter playing.



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