Posted by: davepidgeon | September 16, 2009

Farley delivers beautiful places

If you love national parks and haven’t signed up to watch Tony Farley’s fantastic Beautiful Places in HD podcast on iTunes, c’mon, hop to it.

Farley’s camera creates digital images as close to human-eye perfection as I’ve ever seen, and each three- to five-minute podcast has such a serene ambiance, you’d gratefully fall asleep if it wasn’t for the awesome views.

I think Beautiful Places in HD can be an essential tool to planning a visit to Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Zion and other parks out west. Plan to hike Havasu Falls or Mount Rainier? Check out his vids for each place for inspiration and info. I do wish Farley would haul his camera this way and come see us out east. Imagine what he can do with the Smokies, the ‘Daks, Maine? But at least his program can take me to the epic parks out west from the comfort of my breakfast table.

Farley’s latest creation is about hiking through Zion National Park’s Narrows, a chilled slot canyon in the park’s northeast corner. Farley even recites his own poetry about the place, but don’t groan. He’s actually quite talented with words as he is with video imagery. Hey, I was impressed.

Here it is:

[clearspring_widget title=”Beautiful Places in HD” wid=”4818aa96925a19fd” pid=”4ab13dcecf266050″ width=”425″ height=”271″ domain=””]

Farley’s Web site for Beautiful Places in HD can be found here. You can download episodes for free at iTunes. Farley’s blog can be found here.



  1. Hey! Thanks for tolerating the poetry! I just couldn’t find anything appropriate so I had to write it myself. I’m glad you like the show and my next episode comes from the East Coast! The Everglades. I can’t wait to get to The Smokies. I wanted to go last Fall, but just couldn’t find the time off. I’d love to tour the whole East of the US.

    Tony Farley

    • Thanks for stopping by! I do enjoy your show immensely, and when I’m in need of a mental vacation, Beautiful Places lets me slip away for a while.

      I’m helping Backpacker Mag put together the northeast portion of the readers choice edition, so if you’re in need of any ideas for the region between Maryland and Maine, I invite you to check it out later this year. Would love to see what you can do with the Whites or the Greens or the ‘Daks, and I would enjoy the opportunity to meet, chat and get a look at how you put Beautiful Places together. If you ever come this way, please let me know.

      Hike on!


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