Posted by: davepidgeon | October 19, 2009

I’m back!

Standing along the summit ridge of Mount Mansfield, Vt.

Standing along the summit ridge of Mount Mansfield, Vt.

Hey, Pointers, nice to see you, again.

How have the trails been? Nab any foliage photos recently?

I have to confess: I have not been on the trail since my trip to Slide Mountain Wilderness in the Catskills back in September, but I have plenty of good reasons. My wife and I bought our first house (special thank you to the federal government, who is helping us out with tax credits), and so packing, moving and unpacking took priority.

But Mrs. Compass Points and me are slowing moving into a routine, again, and I have plans this weekend to return to the woods, dragging an long-time buddy out to test some schtuff. Plus, I want to catch the foliage before it gets blown off the branches and winter sets in. Love the winter, but how great is hiking October, huh? Maple brown sugar oatmeal never tastes better during the year than during this month.

During this stressful but important time, I have been working with Backpacker Magazine on its upcoming readers choice issue. I’m digging the choices by our four-member reader group for the northeast region stretching from Maryland to Maine, and the picks for the best hikes and natural wonders will mix the expected with the unexpected. I won’t give anything away, so you’re just going to have to wait until the readers choice issue appears in the next few months. Best project I’ve worked on thus far.

Some of you have been finding your way to Compass Points via Web searches for Costa Rica, which makes sense because as we begin the long freeze in North America, the weather is just fine in southern latitudes. You’ll find Costa Rica stories up at the top of this page.

By the way, we’re an equal opportunity adventure blog, and to that end, I’d like to point you to the journey of my friend, Dan Mohler, who is biking across the continent at the moment. He’s keeping us updated at his Web site,, where he’s posted trip accounts and photos. Compass Points says check it out.

Been spending some time searching eBay for antique maps of places I’ve traveled to like Arizona and Ireland. Some great stuff out there and will make excellent wall decorations in my new basement/man cave.

Well, I’m back! Thanks for hanging on, Pointers, and we’re getting back to the trails now.


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