Posted by: davepidgeon | November 6, 2009

Winter creeps in

Hiking in Worlds End State Park, Pa.

Winter’s creeping in. Up in New England, he’s already there, and here in central Pennsylvania, he’s putting a freeze on the wind.

Forgive me if that gets me excited. I love hiking all seasons (‘cept mud season), and winter backpacking remains one of the most challenging and ultimately enjoyable activities. That’s because I enjoy using the latest technology in sleeping bags and softshells and other gear meant to keep you warm and safe in the winter woods. I just think it’s crazy awesome to lay cozy in a 800-fill down sleeping bag while the snow’s whipping around outside your tent.

Just around the bend now.

Had a great week here at Compass Points. Ricketts Glen State Park put on another fantastic show Wednesday and should make an excellent episode for Compass Points TV in 2010. Working on other projects, testing light hiking boots, planning now for a three-day trip in Shenandoah National Park, Va., in about two weeks.

Have a fantastic weekend. If you’re hitting a trail somewhere, don’t forget these safety precautions for hiking during hunting season. We’ll see you Monday for another week of trails, gear, Trail Tunes and other great stuff.

Hike on, Pointers!


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