Posted by: davepidgeon | November 10, 2009

Video didn’t killed the Backpacker star

Anyone else notice the improved quality of video at Backpacker‘s Web site this year? I have to say – and not because much of my journalistic work involves the magazine – that Backpacker has stepped it up in terms of quality and content.

Recipes, trip vids, gear reviews and so on, and done in an entertaining and informative manner. I don’t agree with every choice – the shredding of backpacks by tying them to the back of an SUV and dragging them along a dirt road seemed to me a little over-the-top – but I dig much of what they chose to shoot.

As video week at Compass Points rolls on, we’re celebrating today Backpacker‘s excellent repertoire.

Beer pancakes!!!

Sierra Designs tent review

Fend off a bear attack
A personal favorite … my editor, Shannon Davis, fends off an attack by an intern real bear. Overall, loads of good info here, and when it comes to bears, great to see in person what you should do.


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