Posted by: davepidgeon | November 11, 2009

Trail Tunes: Music and the volcano

Mason Jennings grew out of the Jack Johnson tree of music – laid back style, Dylan-esque lyrics, strumming an acoustic guitar, smelling the breeze and feeling the sun. Think Jack, Donavon Frankenreiter and a little Ben Harper mixed in.

I picked the “Fighter Girl” video for this week’s Trail Tunes because of what you spy in the background – humongoid mountains. Plus, it’s a nice song to have along if you’re taking a road trip with your sassy girlfriend/wife.

According to a Facebook post by Jennings in May 2008, he filmed “Fighter Girl” in Chile at a town called Chaitén. That month, Chaitén became unfortunately the site of a massive volcano explosion and flood, which devastated the town to the point where the Chilean government will have to build a whole new community.

That’s tragic, but the scenery near Chaitén in places like Corcovado National Park remains stunningly beautiful, as captured in Jennings’s video. Here’s hoping the Chaitén people can recover and if people visit this stretch of South American mountains they spend time and money helping the recovery.


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