Posted by: davepidgeon | November 12, 2009

Pleasing the aperture

A week celebrating the some of my favorite hiking videos on the Internet would not be complete without Beautiful Places In HD by Tony Farley. Farley is a skilled videographer, whose camera and voice capture the comeliness of an experience in the American wilderness, from the sound of gentle breezes and the tune of songbirds to the myriad of natural color spied from any trail.

In composing the second season of Compass Points TV, I’ve looked to Farley’s work for inspiration and guidance. What’s most notable about Beautiful Places is how Farley puts his mark on the production. You get a sense of Farley’s personality and what places such as the Zion Narrows, Mirror Lake and Havasu Falls mean to him – locations which prompt reflection, relaxation and a sense of wonder.

Even as Farley narrates each video, you never get the sense that he’s trying to talk over the sights and sounds of the trails he’s capturing on camera. Instead, his personality is as much a part of the experience of watching Beautiful Places as the canyons, mountains and skies which are shown. You couldn’t have Beautiful Places without Farley, and that’s the mark of an excellent videographer.

Below is Farley’s dazzling video for Havasu Falls in Arizona.

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  1. Thanks Dave! I can’t wait to see your new season. Keep up the great work.

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