Posted by: davepidgeon | December 4, 2009

Changes are coming

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Compass Points anticipates an impressive 2010. (Compass Points Media / flickr) / CC BY-ND 2.0

Compass Points is about to undergo some serious growth spurts.

Life as a blogger and freelance journalist wouldn’t be half as compelling without the drive to pursue creative endeavors. And quietly here at base camp for Compass Points, I and my closest advisors (okay, by advisors I mean Mrs. Compass Points, my best man and some insightful friends) have been plotting for a monumental 2010.

Here’s a hint of what’s ahead:

  • As you might have seen on CP‘s Facebook and Twitter page this week, the first major change will come this Monday. Compass Points will move to a Web site, which means it will have a more kickass layout. Friend CP at Facebook or follow CP at Twitter to discover the new URL.
  • The first season of Compass Points TV left many viewers wanting more than a mere three episodes. I agree. There’s an Internet drought out there of quality outdoor programming – there are a few standout exceptions – and CP would like to provide the relief with Compass Points TV. Filming began in earnest last month for the second season of Compass Points TV. And I’d like to announce today that the first episode will air Wednesday, March 3 at the new Compass Points blog – just in time for spring to start breaking out across the country, when people need to free themselves of winter-induced cabin fever.
  • There’s an ultra-cool, technologically advanced, top secret program underway here at CP‘s base camp in Lititz, Pa. The program’s codename is “TRAIL BLAZES.” The goal of this underground project is to uniquely enhance the hiking experience starting in 2010. TRAIL BLAZES will be unveiled and made available to the outdoor community this spring. I’m sorry, but to reveal more details would mean compromising the integrity of this secretive project. As TRAIL BLAZES develops, more will be revealed at the new Compass Points blog.

Positively pumped for 2010. Feel the same sort of anticipation you get standing at a trail head before starting an ambitious backpack.

Well, Pointers, it’s Friday, and the weather people are predicted snow for these parts tomorrow. Not enough to break out the MSR Denali Ascents, but enough snow to hopefully make an attractive Compass Points TV episode for next year.

Join the passion for trails and adventure travel by friending CP at Facebook. And the tweet marches on at Twitter.

Now, like a catchy and inspiring motto, everybody say in unison as we close out this week:

Hike On!


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